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Annual house price growth holds steady

Considering the pressures in the current UK's political and economic climate, it is good to read a positive article in Property Reporter. It seems that Nationwide's recent analysis has shown that the housing market is bearing up. 

Has the housing market escaped the Brexit uncertainty?

None of us have a crystal ball to look in to the housing market future surrounding Brexit, but it seems that, according to a recent index, during the 2 and a half years since the referendum, there seems to have been limited impact on the housing market.

Figures point to First Time Buyers increase market share

It seems that FTB's are showing no signs of slowing down, with the help of competitive mortgage rates being one of the main reasons.

High street Estate Agents can achieve more for you...

The view from the GL Offices remains positive, especially when we look at a recent article from Property Industry Eye showing research done by The Advisory - the independent customer advice group for house sellers.  This tells us that high street agents achieve more viewings, more offers, and in almost three-quarters of cases a 5% better price than online-only firms.

A Friend in the Business

We take a look ahead at the 2018 autumn/winter property market in the final months of the pre-Brexit period.

The 2018 Budget and how it looks for the Property Industry...

Philip Hammond has delivered his third Budget as Chancellor and during this 72 minute speech, he gave details on what could affect the housing market directly. Some positive points for you to look at below, but if you are considering buying or selling your property, please do come in and talk to one of our experienced team, with local knowledge of the market in your area.

First Impressions Count!

The front of your house is the first think that potential buyers will see when they do a drive by or come for the viewing appointment. Their first impression will be very important to both them and you, so you should make the most of this important aspect of your property.

What's happening in the Private Rental Sector...?

The latest news from ARLA and other property industry experts and articles, is that average rent is up year on year, in virtually all parts of England and Wales, with the returns to landlords remaining competitive. 

What designs are trending, for your home in 2019

Following the recent design shows in London and Paris it seems there are some new design trends for your home coming this season!

Home Sweet (smelling) Home!

It seems that prospective buyers are becoming more particular than ever, so a lick of paint is no longer enough to tempt buyers to purchase your home - you need to consider how to make it smell appealing!

Half Term & Halloween with National Trust in Sussex!

With October Half Term just around the corner and Halloween soon to be upon us, this is the best time to get out in the countryside and enjoy the Autumn colours. 

Should you stay or should you go?

That is the question some property owners are asking themselves with Brexit in mind. Is it right or wrong to sell before Brexit or after Brexit? It seems there is no right or wrong answer according to a very interesting article in the Guardian.

Premium renters pay for furnished properties

An ARLA article makes interesting reading if you are pondering the question furnished or unfurnished...? 

Technology that can make your home 'greener'

What springs to mind when considering how to make your home 'greener'...solar panels, recycling gadgets?? According to this Property Reporter article, technology is transforming the way we can make our homes greener than ever and not all the ideas are for the rich or fanatical.

Do we go with logic or love when buying a home?

It seems that one in two people buy their new home after just one viewing! According to figures, 53% of people took only one visit, with another 25% only needing two, before they made their property purchase.

Tips for baby proofing your new home!

More and more young families are able to buy property, with Help to Buy schemes etc, so Barratt homes have come up with their top tips to ensure your property is safe when you move in.

Latest data suggests property transactions hit a 2 year high

Recent data has revealed that house prices have fallen but new buyer demand is up year on year. 

Do your garden buildings need planning permission?

We have all spent a considerable amount of time in our gardens this year but have you ever considered the buildings in your garden and whether any planning permission or restrictions should be considered. 

We look at the positives in the Autumn property market

As we look forward to the autumn season in the 2018 property market the naysayers may well be citing Brexit as reason enough not to make a house move. They may say there is too much uncertainty. They may have would-be movers, wait.

Conveyancing explained

Property jargon can be confusing, so a recent onthemarket.com article concentrating on Conveyancing, what it means and how it happens, makes for some very interesting reading.  It goes some way to explaining this important area of your solictors work.

Tips for First Time Buyers

Purchasing your first home is a massive commitment and one that needs careful consideration and thought, along with support and advice from your local Estate Agent. 

To be in your new home by Christmas - act now!

According to the House Price Index and an article on Rightmove, if you want to be in by Christmas, you need to act now! 

People still see a value in high street Estate Agents

More than half of buyers and sellers still want face to face, high street Estate Agents to talk to and support them with the sale/purchase of a property, according to a recent survey.

Now the heatwave is going, is now the best time to sell?

Putting your property on now whilst stock levels are lower, could pay dividends....according to an article in Property Reporter.

Seasonal repairs are a must - tips for Landlords

We have seen temperatures soaring and no doubt in a few months time we will see them tumble to near freezing, so what repairs should Landlords be considering following the heatwave and to get ready for the Winter?

First Time Buyers have saved money since stamp duty cut

According to figures recently released by the Government, First Time Buyers have saved millions of pounds since the stamp duty cuts last year.

20 Things that put off potential buyers!

According to a recent NAEA article a survey has told us that, damp, bad smells, poor maintenance and broadband blackspots are amongst the top 20 things that put off home buyers and can be potential deal breakers!

Good news figures from the Private Rental Sector

Figures coming from a recent Government, English Housing Survey, show that 1 in 5 people in the UK live in private rented accommodation and 84% of those are happy.

The rise in first time buyers!

According to an article in the Guardian  the number of new home owners rose in May this year. In fact there was an 8.1 % increase in first time mortgages over the same time last year. 

How long is too long when it comes to the timeline of buying a home?

Should it be 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months? In an ideal world a freehold sale should be 6 weeks and a leasehold sale of around 8-10 weeks - but this isn't always happening. 

Dive in to one of our properties for sale with their own pool!

This warm weather is set to continue, so why not consider buying a house with it's own swimming pool. Both our Storrington and Pulborough offices currently have properties for sale featuring stunning swimming pools. 

Where to retire to when you don't want to slow down!

The image of those retiring with little to do other than playing bridge and chatting to fellow retirees over tea in 'the lounge' of their retirement home, lingers on with some, but you'd be wrong!

World Cup Footballers Homes!

We are all in the grip of World Cup fever, but some of you may be wondering where these players live when they're not training or playing matches around the world..   

Governments new 'How To' guides for landlords and tenants

This week the Government launched some new 'How to' guides for tenants and landlords, to help them understand their rights and responsibilities. 

Top reasons for moving house this summer

According to research it seems that us Brits are seven times more likely to be moving home because of a change of job rather than to make a quick buck from the housing market...

House prices since we won the World Cup!

We take a look at what has happened to house prices since the 1966 world cup that saw England win! 


We are always excited about New homes and new developments and we work closely with house builders and developers to bring you some of the best brand new modern homes and developments in West Sussex. 

The thorny issue of gardening in rented properties

With summer just around the corner, and the weather finally taking a turn for the better, the attentions of tenants and landlords begin to turn to the garden to make the most of the sunshine. But be aware, gardening can be a thorny issue when it comes to deposit disputes, says Michael Hill, an adjudicator with Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). 

These figures show how important flats are to the rental market

The Nationwide has bucked the trend of many industry organisations by insisting that the private rental market is still in good shape, despite a raft of challenges being thrown up by government.

The Art of Negotiation - with the help of a local Estate Agent

There is a time in the course of a negotiation when the wheels sometimes come close to falling off.

Bank of Mum and Dad to lend £5.7bn this year

According to Property Reporter, the latest data and analysis from Legal & General and Cebr, has shown that parental help equating to an eye-watering £5.7bn will be needed for quarter of housing transactions during this year.

Come and talk to the experts

At GL&CO Estate Agents we’re proud and have worked hard to become market leader in your area, want to know how we did it?  

Landlords can make over £160,000 profit from buy-to-let

Landlords may be feeling the pressure of the Government’s recent buy-to-let tax clampdown, but research suggests there is still plenty of money to be made over the long term.

The best time to buy....

A blog from one of our managers talking about the best time of year to buy and sell your property.

House price predictions explained...

Reviewing the differences between house price reports from national companies and why it's good to also seek local advice

UK Buy to Let very much alive

A year since the government's tax and mortgage relief changes came into effect, what impact have they had on UK landlords who placed leverage on their property investments?

Lets allowing Pets - homes for the future!

Rental accommodation, and the profile of those who live in it, is undergoing a fundamental change in the UK. Once shunned by private landlords, pets are increasingly being welcomed into rental homes, with contemporary developments even making considerations for them as part of their design.

Preparing your Property for the Market

A guide and top tips for preparing your home to make it look the best for prospective buyers.

Bottoms Up! We take a look at what and who is driving the property market this spring.

An article discussing who drives the property market at the moment - first time buyers or wealthy buyers.

Lucky Friday the 13th

An article talking about Friday the 13th not being surpertitious for moving house

Feature your property in our London Showcase

The number of Londoners now buying outside the capital is at an all-time high. Statistics have shown that 42% of sellers leaving prime areas of London for a home elsewhere in the UK, relocation to the Home Counties remains the most popular choice.

How an Estate Agent should market your property

With the property market more competitive than ever and no shortage of stock coming to the market, especially in West Sussex, how your property is taken to the market can have a huge impact in not only a sale being achieved, but the price in which is secured too.

How Important is the School catchment area when buying a house....?

A blog talking about how important the school catchment area is when buying and selling a house.

News from our Managers

Welcome to the GL & Co blog, where we write on a regular basis to keep every reader abreast of what is going on in the property market in West Sussex. We like to include thoughts and comments from our managers and staff, based in the 3 GL & Co offices in Storrington, Horsham and Pulborough.  Craig, the manager of our Storrington office, gave us his thoughts earlier this week....

The Government are damaging the private rented sector, is their policy short sighted?

The Government are damaging the private rented sector, is their policy short sighted? There are more warning signs that the assault on landlords is adversely affecting the private rented sector.


This weekend we will be launching three exceptional homes on this exclusive private development of only seven properties by award winning Junnell Homes.

First Time Buyers at record high for over 10 years

If you are starting to consider getting on to the property ladder for the first time, according to recent figures from UK Finance, you are one of many.  It seems that there were 365,000 first time buyers in the UK last year, with an average age of 30 years old and an annual household income of £41,000 (individual or joint).   

The Early Bird

With 2018 in full swing our Horsham office has been incredibly busy listing some fabulous homes across the area.  With applicant register levels also increasing, Tim Cattini, Manager of the Horsham Office, is expecting a busy first quarter with offers already coming in from motivated buyers looking to move before the Easter period. 

Real estate agents sell your home on a No Sale No fee basis.

Radio 5 have been looking at the difference between online and traditional estate agents, Neil Moore explores the issues....