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Preparing your Property for the Market

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Any good Estate Agent will tell you that first impressions count when selling your home…

Here at GL & Co, we will guide and advise where we feel we can help you make the most of your home but in the meantime take a look at some of our top tips when preparing your property to get the best price when it goes on the market…

  • Take a quick walk round your home and see if there are any small maintenance jobs you could do yourself – replace bulbs, loose door handle, tidy up the paint work etc.
  • Decluttering each room to enable prospective buyers to see where they could put their items of furniture and reducing the amount of personal items. A room filled with furniture, pictures and nick nacks, will make it look smaller. And always be prepared for someone to open those cupboards!
  • Have a thorough spring clean before you go on the market, it will make the house look and feel better and easier to manage when you have more than 1 viewing during the week. That can include giving the dog a clean too!
  • If it’s viable, investigate the possibility of extending your property, just incase someone asks and also to offer them the opportunity to increase in the future or make the property work better for them.
  • You may think it’s a neat trick, but coffee brewing, bread or cakes cooking (if you can’t cook, just put some drops of vanilla essence on a baking tray in a warm oven!) and all those other simple things, really help a prospective buyer to warm to your property.
  • Lay a table, place flowers in a vase, open the windows in Spring & Summer or have a fire going or heating on in the Winter….these things set a lifestyle that will appeal to buyers.
  • Head outside your property and take a walk around the garden and driveways, collect up any litter, old plastic toys etc., mow the lawn, cut back any overgrown areas – all these make it better for first impressions and also ensure the maximum space is shown off!
  • And finally, remember why YOU bought the property in the first place and emphasise those things when talking to people whilst they are viewing….was it the views, catchment area, size of the kitchen, character features….


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