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Help Us to Help You Sell Your House

Guy Leonard and Co give their hints and tips to help you sell your property quickly and for the best value

Warm and toasty over the Winter!

Guy Leonard Estate Agents Property Blog - a timely reminder about keeping properties safe and warm over the cold winter period

Advice for Sussex house sellers over the Winter Period

We are likely to get more snow this winter, and it will definitely be very cold – snow or no snow! What can you do to keep your properties ship shape for the season:

Advice for our Sellers over the Winter Period

Advice for our Sellers over the Winter Period in Horsham, Storrington and Pulborough.

Our loyalty scheme for house sellers, buyers and landlords

The Loyalty Scheme is completely FREE to our vendors, purchasers and landlords and offers something for everyone – great discounts on everything from nights out to holidays and from fridges to flying lessons!

The Correct Way to Sell

The Correct Way to Sell - an insight into the market this Autumn

Home owners take advantage of the market.

Neil Moore of Guy Leonard & Company looks into the options presented by the property market this autumn.

Independent family run estate agents

Don't put your house on with them they are only a small family company!!   This is the comment that was made by another corporate agent to a potential client who put their house on the market with us this weekend. We are a small family firm with 800 offices!

Welcome to GL & Co new blog. We are continually exploring new ways to improve our services to our customers and to the public at large.

Surely the web is the way forward to further improve our communication skills and we have a number of other ideas that will also be at the forefront of information technology.

We shall write on the blog on a regular basis to keep every reader abreast of what is going on in the property market in West Sussex.

So for now I shall just briefly comment on my view of the current property market in Storrington,Horsham and Pulborough where our offices are located.

We have seen a dramatic change in the way houses are valued and are selling and it is still going to take sometime for sellers to realise that values have reduced, However they will, sure as day is day, if they are serious about selling they will have to realise that times have changed and that to sell, you have to be on the market at the correct price.

If sellers put their head in the sand they will not do anything quickly. Sure as eggs is eggs values will go up but not for a least 12 months and some pundits say longer. We all know that whatever price to sell at  if you buy in the same market you will get the same discount.