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20 Things that put off potential buyers!

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According to a recent NAEA article a survey has told us that, damp, bad smells, poor maintenance and broadband blackspots are amongst the top 20 things that put off home buyers and can be potential deal breakers!
The research, commissioned by GoCompare home insurance, revealed signs of damp as the number one reason buyers would be deterred from purchasing a property, with other deal breakers including being in a poor state of repair, no parking and homes located in broadband blackspots. More and more people are considering broadband capabilities for their homes, due to family and work requirements.
Other figures from the survey show...69 per cent of people said they would be put off by damp stains on walls and ceilings, whilst 63 per cent cited bad smells – such as food, pets or cigarette smoke – as a big no no. These are all things to consider if you are preparing to go on the market, or are currently selling your property.
Outdated fittings and décor were also a concern for some would-be buyers with just under a quarter (24 per cent) saying they would be put-off by an outdated kitchen; 22 per cent by a dated bathroom and 14 per cent found outdated or over the top décor and carpets to be major turn-offs. Equally, outdated electricals/wiring would be a turn-off for nearly half, while an old boiler or central heating system would have 37 per cent of people looking the other way.
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