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First Impressions Count!

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The front of your house is the first thing that potential buyers will see when they do a drive by or come for a viewing appointment. Their first impression will be very important to both them and you, so you should make the most of this important aspect of your property.

Property Reporter offer some great tips in this article about how to use the front of your home to your advantage. The colour and standard of the paintwork, the flowers and plants used and how tidy and manageable your garden is, all play a big part in the decision making process when people first see a property.

It all boils down to what we all know as 'curb appeal' and if you make your house look its best, a potential buyer will see the positives from having a well maintained, nice looking frontage to their potential next home! There are so many websites and apps to help us with interior and exterior design ideas, you can't go wrong, so by doing some research, setting out a budget and making sure that your property looks great will give huge benefits.

We have also done many blogs in the past, about keeping your property in good condition to ensure you maximise your selling opportunities, so read through some of those to ensure both the inside and out, is ready for potential buyers.


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