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The 7 Biggest Landlord Mistakes


1. This landlord didn't maintain the living conditions in their rented property. Find out why that meant they weren't able to sell their property and how simply it could have been avoided.


2. Landlord Mr L didn't meet the safety standards in his property, put the lives of his tenants at risk AND finding himself with £30,000 of fines and court costs.


3. Mrs T decided to manage her tenancy herself. A simple oversight on her behalf landed her with a penalty and legal costs.


4. When Mr & Mrs D let their property out to a friend they didn't see the need for a professional inventory. They also didn't see that 3 years down the line they would be in court and over £1,000 out of pocket.


5. Experienced Landlords, Mr & Mrs W didn't take out a reference from a new tenant as they were a friend of a friend. They could have avoided a loss of £6,000 plus solicitor and court fees.


6. Mr S let out his annexe to someone who responded to an advert he'd put online, the tenant seemed trustworthy so Mr S didn't bother with a professional tenancy agreement - find out what happened next.


7. Many landlords don't bother with an ARLA licenced letting agent - this is costing both landlords and tenants thousands of pounds and immesurable stress each year - can you avoid becoming one of them?


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