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7 Steps To Successfully Selling Your Property

Do you want to achieve a successful, positive and happy move? 

Simply follow these 7 steps to ensure you have a great move. 


1. Be properly prepared to sell 

Preparation is the key…Get ready to sell first, by following these simple rules you will be better prepared for an early sale. Try to evaluate your home as if you are seeing it for the first time. If you were a buyer, what would you think about the property? 


  • Work out your finances at the start 
  • Allow plenty of time for the move 
  • Find a buyer before you find a new home 
  • Clean up and de-clutter 
  • Carry out minor repairs and decoration 
  • Don’t overspend on home ‘Improvements’ 


2. Ask the right price

Research your market, listen to your agents advice. Would you buy your home for this money? Remember asking prices are not always selling prices. “Trying” a high price just to see what happens may cause you to miss your best chance of a sale at the best price. 


  • List at the right price from day one
  • Research your local market thoroughly
  • What did similar properties sell for? 
  • How long were they for sale? 
  • How was the market different when this sold? 


3. Choose the right agent 

Avoid choosing an agent solely on claims of high prices, cheap fees or promises of a quick sale. They are hoping that you will be impressed enough to sign up exclusively with them for up to 6 months. Ask yourself why the agent wants you to commit to such a long period of time. Long term agreements indicate that the agent feels they will have a long term battle with you over price and will spend most of your time on the market preparing you to sell at the real price as opposed to the initial overvaluation. Ask them to list all the ways they intend to market your home and on what time line. 


  • Avoid long ties with an agent 
  • If you don’t trust an agent, don’t hire them
  • Ask what services are included 
  • Do they offer a guarantee? 
  • Can they show you a marketing plan for your home? 


4. Be available for viewings

Make sure your home is available and presentable for a viewing at short notice. Keep the place tidy, clean and smelling fresh. On an initial visit, do not follow buyers around attempting to point out all of your power sockets etc, you will only make them feel pressurised. If they are interested, they will come back for a longer and more in-depth visit. 


  • Have a ‘For Sale’ sign outside your home 
  • Give your agent a key 
  • Try and keep pets out the way during a viewing 
  • Do your best to let the agent work unhindered 


5. Face the facts

The valuation you initially receive from the agents prior to marketing your home is an estimate and not a guaranteed price. If you have had viewings but no offers, your home may not represent the value for money that was initially expected. Listen to the feedback from your agent and the viewings. Price according to the markets expectations. 


  • Listen, learn and respond to the feedback from viewings and your agent 
  • Solve the problem, adjust your price, undertake repairs accordingly
  • Work together with your agent to agree any new marketing plans 


6. Seize the opportunity to move 

Consider carefully the early offers you receive. The highest price often comes when your home is new to the market. Homes which are not sold early on often require a big price reduction to make them sell. 


  • It is unlikely you will get more money by waiting 
  • Do not dismiss an offer without checking to see if it works within your budget 
  • If buying on, make an offer on your new purchase that you can afford if you have to sell at your current offer price 
  • Feel comfortable to consider an offer. Don’t wait longer than a few hours as buyers quickly start to look elsewhere. 


7. Sail through the finish line


Amazingly 33% of all sales will fall through before an exchange due to problems that were not foreseen at the time a sale was agreed. Don’t take offence or get upset. Acknowledge your buyers concerns and act quickly to deal with problems. Almost all issues can be resolved if handled promptly and professionally.


  • Let your solicitor and agent represent you best by allowing them to sort out quickly any issues that may arise 
  • Be reasonable and flexible; moving is an emotional time, however don’t let your emotions control your decisions
  • Make sure that everyone in the chain knows your timescales at an early stage 
  • Don’t make promises or threats that you may regret later 


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