Sussex Property Market View

How do you choose the best Estate Agent for you

You're considering putting your property up for sale, you want the best possible price but you also want to get your property sold. The prices and services vary from Estate Agent to Estate Agent, so how do you ensure you choose the right one for you and your property sale or property purchase even.

Londoners are still on the move out of the City

According to an interesting article in Property Industry Eye, there has been a record number leaving the Capital to move out to cheaper areas of the Country.  With most of these moving to the South East of England, we are perfectly placed to benefit!

Rental demand at it's highest since last year

Good news for the Lettings industry in the form of a report from ARLA stating that rental demand is at it's highest since last September.

The Art of Negotiation - 5

The property deal is agreed but not finalised, there is a willing buyer and a willing seller. Both sides have argued their points, compromised a bit, decided on a price and appointed solicitors. The buyer has arranged finance, and a surveyor. What could possibly go wrong?

The heatwave prompts us to spend more on our gardens

We are in the midst of what is probably the best summer in decades, with temperatures soaring and what better way to spend time, than in your garden! A lovely looking outdoor space, whatever the size, is always appealing to buyers, so if you can spend some time and money on it whilst the sun is out, we here at GL, would highly recommend it, especially if you are considering a sale in the future. 

Could you spot Japanese Knotweed in your garden?

You may be aware of the damage that Japanese Knotweed can do, but could you identify it in your garden...?

A Spanner in the Works

Ask anyone who is putting their property on the market about how long the legal side of things could take once they find a buyer and most will say about eleven weeks. Oh, would that it were only eleven weeks!

The desire to own your own home is still strong.

In a recent article from Property Reporter it seems that the desire, of young people, is still strong when it comes to striving to own their own home.

New asking prices, UP...

According to a recent article and figures from Rightmove, asking prices have gone up again and are now averaging £309,439.

What later life home buyers should be thinking about

Buying a property that suits you in your 60s and 70s, that will continue to meet your needs in the years beyond, is a challenge that is being faced by more and more buyers as the baby boomers come of a certain age.

Average pensioner earns £7k a year from their home

New data and analysis from Key Retirement has revealed that on average, Great Britain's pensioners have gained £159k in the 23 years they have owned their home.

UK Finance data on April mortgage lending rise...

Gross mortgage lending rose by 13.3% annually to £20.4bn in April, driven by strong remortgaging figures, according to the latest UK Finance data.

Popularity of cash back mortgages on the rise...

Popularity of cash back mortgages on the rise... According to an article on Property Reporter, the latest data from Moneyfacts has shown that the popularity of mortgage cashback offers continues to grow, with both the number of deals and average cashback amount both seeing increases.

Year-on-year house prices up 1.2% according to latest data

Year-on-year house prices up 1.2% according to latest data

Think tank proposes giving all 25-year-olds £10k to get on the property ladder

Think tank proposes giving all 25-year-olds £10k to get on the property ladder

12 buyers chasing every property as spring demand outpaces supply

A blog from an article about the amount of buyers after each property

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Markets are forever in flux. That is their nature. So our handling of them must be flexible too. In the stock market we can buy, hold or sell depending on conditions. In a fruit and vegetable market we can buy the freshest produce early in the morning at the full price, or at the end of the day we can purchase what no one else has bought at a cheaper rate.

Reading Between The Lines

Neil Moore, MD at GL & Co Estate Agents, looks at press reporting on the current property market and finds that there is more going on than the papers would have us believe. The press always have lots to say about the property market. But let’s take a look at what they aren’t saying.

The Art of Negotiation Phase Three

Neil Moore, MD at GL & Co Estate Agents, explains the all-important third phase in a property negotiation. Most, if not all, property negotiations run on similar lines. The first phase is the easy and fun bit. Both sides get to shout at each other, dig their heels in, complain how unreasonable the other side is being, bang the table and generally try to show who is boss – who is the alpha negotiator.

The December Property Market

A round of what's happening across the Sussex property market with updates from our Managers in Horsham, Storrington and Pulborough and our lettings team.

Stamp Duty Changes in the Budget

Neil Moore, Managing Director at GL & Co Estate Agents, comments on the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s autumn budget and how it affects the property market.

Your local property market update

Looking at the current property market, Craig Bellas, Manager of our Storrington Office has noted the usual mixed messages coming from various media resources in relation to house prices. He has commented on this saying, ‘The truth of the matter, at least in West Sussex, is there is always demand for good houses in desirable areas.’ 

The Art of Negotiation

Neil Moore, MD at GL & Co Estate Agents, sees yet more similarities between the Brexit talks and property negotiation. Every negotiation begins with conflict of some sort - different points of view where both sides have strong and seemingly entrenched initial opinions about what each wants. This is the argument stage. But negotiations can't proceed if both parties don't move from those entrenched positions. Deadlock has to be broken otherwise neither party can proceed to any sort of end, never mind an agreeable one. This means one side has to take the plunge and be the first to make a proposal - to show that they are prepared to soften on their original stated position. This is not weakness. It is strength. It is clever. It is part of the negotiating process, for without a proposal there is stand off.

The Dating Game

Neil Moore, MD of GL & Co, considers some similarities between Love and Property when searching online. Going back into the singles market after a period of life spent in a relationship can be difficult, troublesome and unnerving. Dating in 2017 is a lot different from ten years ago - never mind twenty or, heaven forbid, thirty. Society, expectations and even the rules of the game have moved on. Those entering this arena after some time have to learn these new rules and quickly.

What's good for the goose

Neil Moore, MD at GL & Co Estate Agents, suggests a new way of thinking when it comes to selling property.  Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, thinks that we overestimate the amount of change which will happen over two years but underestimate the amount of change over ten. This certainly seems to be the case with housing. 

Deal Me In

Neil Moore, MD at GL & Co Estate Agents, looks at one of the fundamentally important issues in selling or buying a property – the deal.   There is currently an awful lot in the news about negotiating. In Europe the Brexit negotiators are sharpening their pencils while on the other side of the Atlantic President Trump would have us believe that he is the best negotiator who ever walked the earth.   In fact selling houses has more to do with negotiating than just about anything else - the better the negotiator you have on your side, the better the deal you get. The trouble is most people aren’t too comfortable negotiating the purchases and sales of their own homes. That’s why they get someone to act for them - an estate agent.

Try on a house

Neil Moore, MD at GL & Co Estate Agents, gives some timely property buying advice now that the general election is over. Many of us know about the Sorting Hat at J K Rowling's Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When a new student puts on the hat it tells him or her to which of the four houses - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin - they are most suited. Well a property is just like the Sorting Hat. It's as if it instinctively knows whether it's right for you - and you for it. All you have to do is listen carefully to the conversation the property is having with your inner self.  

Vote for Housing

Neil Moore, MD at GL & Co Estate Agents looks ahead at the 2017 general election and an all too often ignored – but vitally important - area of government policy. No doubt Brexit, the economy and the NHS will dominate the 2017 general election. Energy, education and defence should also get a strong look-in while the devolved governments will be trying to get as much air time as possible. But do spare a thought for housing, as, on the evidence of the recent past, it doesn't look as if any of the political parties will.

Springwatch and Migration

Neil Moore, MD at GL & Co Estate Agents takes a fresh look at the property market this spring. Spring has arrived and the migratory instincts of home movers are at their annual peak. Some home migrants will only be moving a short distance from their existing habitat. Others will have a longer passage to different parts of the country or even overseas. But this is certainly home moving season. Can nothing stop this natural urge?

A Word To The Wise

Neil Moore, MD at GL & Co Estate Agents, considers opposing forces that are affecting the property market this spring.  The post-Brexit property market is turning into a paradox. With low interest rates, declining numbers of unemployed and an economy that appears to be on a strong path of sustained improvement things should be booming. Confidence, the lifeblood of the property market, should be surging though its heart, pumping up prices as the numbers of available properties dwindle. It should be the classic sellers’ market. Except it isn’t. Why?


Neil Moore, MD at GL & Co Estate Agents, offers some timely estate agent matchmaking advice as we head towards Valentine’s Day. 

Property Market Preview 2017

Neil Moore, MD at GL & Co Estate Agents gazes into the property market crystal ball for 2017. The national press is fond of repeating what some estate agency firms have to say about the luxury market – especially in central London. This seems to suggest that it is an important part of the property market. Well it isn’t. It is the other end of the market which is important. The lower end drives everything. So if we want to understand about the health of the property market as we move into 2017 we need to look at how first time buyers might fare not at the relatively small market of houses for the super rich.

Ask Hilary!

Neil Moore, MD at GL & Co Estate Agents, looks at some fast changing attitudes in the property market.

Investing in Southwater

If you are looking at investment properties then Southwater in Sussex could offer you a good opportunity. This is a popular area due to its close proximity to Horsham and all the town has to offer, in addition to the local shops, supermarket, café and pub/restaurant in Southwater itself. 

Winter Sussex Property Market Update

So what’s happening with the property market at the moment? Well, it seems a day does not go past when someone in the Government is not talking about the ‘dysfunctional housing market’.

The Art of the Deal

Neil Moore, MD at GL & Co Estate Agents, offers some good advice about selling your home in this or any market. In 1987 a book called The Art of the Deal was published. Part-credited to one Donald J Trump it is estimated to have sold over one million copies and it held the number one spot on the New York Times Best Seller List for 13 weeks. What made it so popular? Simply that people were fascinated to learn how to make better business deals. Selling a home is business. So here are seven of my key thoughts on the art of the property deal.

Autumn Property Market View

This is a good time of the year to take stock, look back at what has happened so far and at what the remainder of the year may hold. Here at GL&Co we have seen a relatively stable year which, under the circumstances, has been positive.

Eagle Eyed

Eagle-eyed property market watchers may have noticed a change. Certainly those in London will have seen a marked difference from a year ago. The market has done an about turn in favour of buyers. Fewer buyers and more properties available have changed the fortunes of purchasers. What does this mean for the market elsewhere? Well, often where London leads other areas follow.

Southwater house - a possible investment property

If you are considering purchasing an investment property that could give a good rate of return then this two bedroom house in Southwater could be for you. It is being marketed by a Horsham agent for sale at £260,000 and I predict a yield of up to 5.3% with rent at approximately £1175 per calendar month. This yield compares favourably to the average of 4.66% quoted by Rightmove for Quarter 1 2016 in the RH13 area.

Brexit Property Special

Well now we know. Britain is leaving the European Union.  All the scaremongering is over and we will learn in the coming years which of the two sides was right after all. But what will this decision mean for the property market in the UK? Read our latest blog to find out more...

Buy to Let Market Update

Many people are asking me if buy to let is now effectively dead following the introduction of the additional 3% Stamp Duty on purchases and the changes to tax legislation impacting landlords. Read more in my latest blog...

Opportunities in new commuter areas

We are now starting to see the start of Summer in the gardens – the leaves have returned to the the trees and the plants are blooming. But what of the property market at the beginning of Summer – are things starting to bloom? Well, activity levels in the market are positive, building on the end of last year.

Spring 2016 Property Market Update

What’s happening in the property market? My favourite question and one I am asked all the time! Well, we finished 2015 on a high according to the Halifax Price Index and they have reported house prices in the three months to March 2016 were 2.9% higher than in the three months to December 2015. So what happens now?

Interested in Interest?

There has been much speculation regarding interest rates – they cannot get any lower than they are so the question is, when will they start to rise? With £314m owed in mortgages for properties in the RH12 & RH13 postcodes alone, even the smallest rise could have a big impact so it is a question many people are asking.

Looking for an investment property

Are you looking for an investment property that is ready to go with nothing to be done to it? This one bedroom ground floor maisonette on Comptons Lane could be just what you’re looking for. A Horsham agent is offering this for sale at £184,950 and I predict a yield of 5.51% with rent ranging from £825 - £850 per calendar month. This yield is a healthy one being above the average of 4.67% (Rightmove figure for Quarter 4 2015) in the Horsham area.

Buy to Let Returns on Investment

In this blog I’d like to share with you the information I have been working on as part of the landlord portfolio reviews I have been carrying out for people. This may help you when reviewing your own property portfolio to establish if it is performing as it should or if it requires an overhaul in terms of rental income in light of the current market conditions.

An investment opportunity

Currently for sale is this modern one bedroom apartment in the heart of Horsham town centre. If you’re looking for an investment property in a sought after area, this could be just what you’re looking for - our MD Neil Moore looks at why in his latest property blog.

Home Ownership Trends

Comments from local people about local housing have got me looking into the property figures in more depth to establish what the current market looks like in the local area and I would like to share my findings with you. It is no secret that we are an ageing population – increasing state pension ages is a sign that we are all now living longer. Someone who is currently 20 will be retiring at age 68 now according to the Government. As the age of the population changes we are starting to see a shift in home ownership as more people are now renting their homes. This shift can be seen at a local level.

Is this the perfect investment property?

If you are a landlord wanting to expand your rental portfolio before the Stamp Duty increase kicks in on 1st April this year then these apartments could be just what you are looking for - my latest Sussex Property Blog looks at why this is the case.

Buy to Let – Demand and Supply

I have been looking very closely at the local rental market over the last month as there are a number of new developments in the area which would be suitable for buy to let investors.

Buying to Win

There are homebuyers who demand the best of everything in anything they purchase. They want the latest granite-surfaced kitchen with steam oven, the Philippe Starck bathroom - like the one they had on their last five star holiday - and a decor in fifty fashionable shades of grey. If a house or flat does not have these things some buyers will not even view. But this demand for instant satisfaction and perfection could mean they may be missing out on a couple of important things in buying a home.

A Property Spending Review

Neil Moore of Guy Leonard & Co looks at the Chancellor’s Autumn Spending Review and assesses the effects this may have on the property market. Are things finally going to change for the better in the world of UK housing? Chancellor George Osborne certainly says that they are. In his autumn spending review he announced plans to “end the crisis of home ownership in our country.” Fine words. But what do they mean?

Permitted developments and new homes

Our latest land and new homes blog looks at the news the Planning and Housing minister, Brandon Lewis, announcing that the temporary office-to residential permitted development (PD) right, that was due to lapse at the end of May 2016, will be permanent.   

Right sizing

Neil Moore, MD of Guy Leonard & Co, reflects on the changing mood of home buyers and why now, more than ever, finding a property that fits well is important – at all stages of life.

Bulls Eye!

Sellers want their estate agent to have a clear idea about value – not because they have used a website algorithm but because they are so knowledgeable about the local market that they have their finger on the pulse.

Alarming news for Landlords

Do you know your obligations as a landlord? The world is currently a fast changing one if you are a UK landlord with new legislation and regulations being introduced by the Government thick and fast. The most recent change, confirmed this month relates to smoke and carbon monoxide alarms as The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations have finally been passed in Parliament. 

Right to Rent

Hot on the heels of the legislation regarding Section 21 changes and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in rental properties is the Immigration Act 2014. This sets out requirements for landlords to check their tenants and people occupying their properties have a ‘right to rent’.
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Neil Moore of GL and Co.

With these updates, I follow the property market across Sussex and pass all our knowledge and findings on to you, the buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords of Sussex.

If you are thinking of buying a property for rental and would like to discuss this or if you see a property for sale and would like an opinion on the rental return and investment potential, email me at or call me on 01903 742354.

Neil Moore