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Where & what type of investment property to buy

In our series of becoming a landlord blogs, this week we look at where to buy your investment property and the type of property to buy

Becoming a buy to let landlord

We look at if now is the time to invest in buy to let property and become an investment landlord

Finding out who your Tenant really is

Philip from our Lettings team blogs about how he checks who a tenant is before renting a property for one of our landlords.

A very successful lettings clinic and Mother's Day surprises!

A very successful lettings clinic and Mother's Day surprises!

What's happening with the current rental market?

Guy Leonard & Co comment on the current rental market in the UK

A modern rental property in pulborough - new to market

Well Christmas, the New Year and hopefully the snow are all behind us now - back to work and looking forward to a busy Spring. 

Growth in Lettings

Guy Leonard & Company are seeing a good level of growth in their Horsham Letting Department.  We are delighted to have found ideal tenants for one of our landlords who has two properties within the perimeters of her own home.

The life of a Letting Agent is a very varied one!

We all know our own profession inside out but do we ever think about the day to day workings of the jobs other people do? I’m not sure we do so perhaps it would entertain the reader to think about the daily routine of a letting agent.

Buy to let is back

According to Susan Emmet from the Times - Buy-to-let is back...There is nothing like a housing market crash to test a landlord's mettle.

More Expansion in Lettings

We believe one of the keys to our success, and something that makes us different from many companies, is the continuity of familiar faces within the letting department. 

What works well in lettings?

Further to my last blog there still has been no 'let up' for the lettings team (pardon the bad pun!) and my Christmas cards remain unwritten.

Lettings market as active as ever.

We know that the ups and downs of the property market, whether it be sales or lettings, is something that is close to most people's hearts and is always a conversation topic wherever we go.