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Looking at the current property market, Craig Bellas, Manager of our Storrington Office has noted the usual mixed messages coming from various media resources in relation to house prices. He has commented on this saying, ‘The truth of the matter, at least in West Sussex, is there is always demand for good houses in desirable areas.’ 

What has become apparent this year is a genuine reduction in the amount of buyers in the marketplace. Tim Cattini, Manager of our Horsham Office, has advised there are however still applicants registering to view properties as they look to take advantage of cheap fixed rate mortgage deals whilst they are available.

How properties are presented for sale can be the difference between you achieving a sale, or possibly losing out to a competing property. A property is generally the biggest asset someone will own, so needs to be maintained appropriately. Buyers appreciate not having to do general remedial works; a property that has been looked after with care and reinvestment will be more appealing when it comes to moving. In some cases buyers simply may not be able to afford additional works after putting down a large deposit and borrowing the remainder from a lender.

Our roles as estate agents now also focus more and more on helping people to prepare their property for sale. We always ask our prospective clients ‘would you be interested in any advice we can offer that will help maximise the return on investment for your biggest asset?’ People generally do opt for this support and value our expertise with the first stage of selling; pre marketing preparation.

The team in Horsham has been particularly busy with this over the last few days, making the most of the autumnal colours to capture those outside photos which really make a property stand out from the crowd. So, if you are thinking of a move in the early part of 2018 now is the time to get everything prepared. Work in partnership with us to ensure your property is head and shoulders above the competition and we can help secure a sale for the best possible price for you.

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Neil Moore of GL and Co.

With these updates, I follow the property market across Sussex and pass all our knowledge and findings on to you, the buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords of Sussex.

If you are thinking of buying a property for rental and would like to discuss this or if you see a property for sale and would like an opinion on the rental return and investment potential, email me at or call me on 01903 742354.

Neil Moore