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A Christmas Carol with apologies to Dickens

Scrooge had been trying to sell his house all year - but to no effect. He was fed up with cold winters and longed to move to Spain where he had found a villa at a knockdown price being sold by a motivated seller. Now it was Christmas again and there was still no sign of a buyer for his own house. Scrooge hated Christmas. Find out how Scrooge sold his house in our latest blog.

The Christmas Property Market

Christmas is a time for friends and family and when the majority of people spend the greatest amount of time at home. This time at home can often get them thinking about the space they live in and how it is now too large as family members have flown the nest or too small now the family has grown.

What a high street agent can do for you

When you come to sell your biggest asset, your home, you want to know you’re in safe hands and the company selling your property has the experience, knowledge and drive to achieve the best price possible for you. You want to know that the sales process is going to be as smooth and stress free for you as it can be.

Market Ready

August is traditionally a quiet time in the property market. With so many families on holiday buying and selling homes takes a back step. But for some this is a very important time. This is the month that can be spent getting ready for the autumn market - as September is the month when things usually hot up again.

Use your garden to sell your home

An attractive garden can be a wonderful feature of your home. They give you somewhere to escape to, a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. More and more these days, gardens are somewhere to entertain friends and family – think of all those gardening adverts on the television! The garden can also add value to your property as by making the most of it, you are offering future buyers additional outdoor space and a relaxing environment to enjoy.

Bringing the Herds to Horsham

At Guy Leonard & Company we all work and live in the area and we all share strong values. We therefore regularly support local charities as well as raising funds for specific charitable projects. This is all part of our philosophy of giving something back to the community that provides us with beautiful surroundings and a living. This year we are taking part in Elephantastic - read all about it in our blog.

Don't meet your Waterloo when selling

Neil Moore, MD at Guy Leonard & Co, explains why having good support when selling or buying a home is so important. It was two hundred years ago when Napoleon met his Waterloo – at Waterloo.Meeting one’s own Waterloo comes to all of us from time to time. I can think of many occasions in property when deals have gone sour, buyers have faltered leaving bitter sellers or sellers have changed their minds at the last minute leaving very frustrated buyers. Sometimes mortgages haven’t materialised or for some legal or survey reason the wheels have come off a transaction. Stuff happens. But sometimes stuff needn’t happen....

Housing Policy - In Twenty Words

Neil Moore, MD of Guy Leonard & Co Estate Agents considers the property market in the aftermath of the 2015 general election and the new government’s approach to housing – or not!

Safe As Houses

Neil Moore, MD at Guy Leonard & Co gauges the effect that the Election result will have on the residential property market.

Time to get OnTheMarket.com

OnTheMarket.com – the new property portal launched as a rival to Rightmove and Zoopla where Guy Leonard & Co is listing all of its properties – is pleased to announce it has achieved 10 million visits to the site with 90 million page views in just three months. OnTheMarket.com launched on January 26, 2015, and features hundreds of thousands of properties for sale and to rent at all price points across the UK.

Voting with their feet

Neil Moore, MD at Guy Leonard & Co, gauges the impact housing polices have had on public opinion in the lead up to the general election.

Is there a pot of gold sitting in your garden?

We all know that it is a myth that there’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow but there could actually be a pot of gold in your garden. Here at Guy Leonard & Co we have been successfully working with property owners to help them realise the potential of their garden.

April Showers

The property market can sometimes seem a bit like the weather. Some days it is fine and sometimes it is rainy. But some days it really does not know what it is doing. The market is a bit like that at the moment. Just when it looks as if there is no momentum there is a surge of interest and then as quickly as it comes it stops - just like an April shower.

Egg-citing times over Easter

Guy Leonard and Co Estate Agents are delighted to be supporting the Easter Bunny Hunt in Horsham and the Easter Egg Trail in Storrington - both great local events for the kids. There is also a fantastic round up of activities taking place over Easter weekend at Parham House.

Budget Comment 2015 - Bottoms Up

Neil Moore, MD at Guy Leonard & Co Estate Agents looks at the key property related features in this year’s budget. The property market is like a building. It is built from the bottom up. Good foundations underpin the market just as they do a fine building...

Hot off the press!

The hoarding in Market Square in Horsham has generated much speculation locally. We can exclusively reveal that at long last some scaffolding has been removed, showing the exciting new development which is Press House.

Voting Intentions

Neil Moore, MD of Guy Leonard & Co Estate Agents, takes a very personal view on moving home in this time of political and economic uncertainty. Which way will you vote? Will you vote to move home before or after the election?

On the market review

Neil Moore, MD at Guy Leonard & Co Estate Agents believes OnTheMarket.com will be a major player in the portal market ‘because it provides a clean, crisp and simple search function and a highly effective platform for our vendor and landlord clients. It is a great place to launch new properties to the market.’

The devil's in the detail

Inventories are a key part of any lettings procedure. With one, you have a documented schedule of condition of your property before any tenant moves in. Without, you could have a hard time justifying any deductions from the deposit if damage occurs. In the current lettings market, the list of reasons for having an inventory are endless.

Are you OnTheMarket?

Many property buyers and sellers will soon be aware that there is a new property portal to help them find or market a home. In recent years there have been two main portals, Rightmove and Zoopla, but over the coming weeks and months homebuyers and sellers will become very familiar with OnTheMarket which was launched on 26th January this year.