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Just some of our successes of 2010

As we get ready for 2011, we thought we would take this opportunity to review some of our successful sales in 2010

Advice for Sussex house sellers over the Winter Period

We are likely to get more snow this winter, and it will definitely be very cold – snow or no snow! What can you do to keep your properties ship shape for the season:

Advice for our Sellers over the Winter Period

Advice for our Sellers over the Winter Period in Horsham, Storrington and Pulborough.

Inflation prospects and how it may effect us

On reflection I have been thinking about the future of the UK housing market and I was particularly thinking about it when I read about our inflation levels rising

A brief look at the 2010 property market

Neil Moore Managing Director of Guy Leonard & Co reviews the property year and looks forward to a steadier 2011. Overall, 2010 has been an annus mediocris for estate agents. Or to use a more contemporary cliché it has been a year of two halves........

Our loyalty scheme for house sellers, buyers and landlords

The Loyalty Scheme is completely FREE to our vendors, purchasers and landlords and offers something for everyone – great discounts on everything from nights out to holidays and from fridges to flying lessons!

Estate agents licensing

I am pleased to advise everyone about the new licensing scheme that has been launched by the NAEA and approved by the government.

Clocks go back.

As the clocks go back and the nights draw in Neil Moore of Guy Leonard & Co offers some frank advice for sellers this autumn. From time to time, as autumn falls, mists envelop us and it is hard to see ahead. In the property market mist has come early this year and it is difficult to predict a pattern.

On Ice

Realistic estate agents are putting the champagne back on ice for a little longer. For a while many people thought that a buoyant property market had returned...

The Correct Way to Sell

The Correct Way to Sell - an insight into the market this Autumn

A message to the serious seller

A Message to Serious Sellers - what can you do to make your property the 'pick of the bunch'?

Meet the agent

A recent interview with Sussex Life magazine - our local County magazine asks Neil Moore for his thoughts on the West Sussex Property Market

A Game of Two Halves! Neil Moore comments on the property market after a very busy Spring.

A Game of Two Halves!  Neil Moore comments on the property market after a very busy Spring.


HIP – RIP Neil Moore of Guy Leonard & Company was pleased that Home Information Packs have been abolished. Neil explains why:

Election comment

Neil Moore of Guy Leonard & Co considers some key areas of the property market for the year ahead - regardless of which party wins the general election.

The Chancellor Giveth and the Chancellor Taketh Away

The Chancellor Giveth and the Chancellor Taketh Away The 2010 Budget was, overall, rather neutral for the property market.  But there are some winners and losers.  The increase in the Stamp Duty threshold - doubled to £250,000

Let the waiting game begin.

Let The Waiting Games Begin Neil Moore of Guy Leonard & Company comments on a period of stagnation in the property market.

Growth in Lettings

Guy Leonard & Company are seeing a good level of growth in their Horsham Letting Department.  We are delighted to have found ideal tenants for one of our landlords who has two properties within the perimeters of her own home.

The life of a Letting Agent is a very varied one!

We all know our own profession inside out but do we ever think about the day to day workings of the jobs other people do? I’m not sure we do so perhaps it would entertain the reader to think about the daily routine of a letting agent.

What a start to 2010

What a start to 2010..... thank goodness the snow has gone away....

The Truth about Climate Change

The truth about Climate Change!  The question of climate change is one of the great issues of our time.


Cathy Moore reports that, in spite of the terrible weather 2010 has got off to a flying start!

Home owners take advantage of the market.

Neil Moore of Guy Leonard & Company looks into the options presented by the property market this autumn.

Wall to wall opportunities

Neil Moore of Guy Leonard & Company surveys the property market landscape and finds that there are good things to look  forward to in 2010.